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    PPPoE on Linux

    Ok, here goes..I have an internet connection which appently uses PPPoE as the protocol..and i have a stupid isp that doesnt have any support for linux.. So, i need someone to guide me in setting up my internet connection on SUSE 10.0..
    I ll tell you what i do in windows to setup my connection.

    1) Install my network interface which is onboard LAN.
    2) Open MyNetworkPlaces->properties, inside this, i go to the properties section of the local area connection interface which is my network card.
    3) Here, i choose Install->protocol->have disk. Then i install RASPPPOE on my machine which i guess is a pppoe dialer.
    4) After this, i assign local ip addresses for my machine, the gateway, the subnet mask, the dns servers etc.. and then i go to the command prompt and type 'raspppoe'
    5) Now i get this one pop up which has an option of querying available i click on it and i get a list of connections, i choose the valid connection and click create new connection..
    6) After doing this, i go to mynetworkplaces->properties again and i find this new connection created over there..i double click on it, and i enter the username and the encrypted password which i was able to sniff using ethereal..
    7) I then click on dial and im connected to the internet.

    Ok, so heres what ive done till now...on SUSE, ive assigned the local addresses and the DNS server addresses using the configuration utility in YAsT2. Now i have no idea what to do next i guess its quite simple, but im kind-of stuck..

    I am completely new to the world of linux, and im just starting out, so i don know much about what i am supposed to do.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.
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    On Suse, I have no clue. . . on Slackware, however, you'll have to man pppd to get all the correct commands. I do know that you'll have to put your username and password in CLEAR TEXT under (again Slackware) /etc/ppp/password. I have some ADSL tools for my connection. . . cannot remember where I got it, though.

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