Thread: Weird MS3D problem

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    Weird MS3D problem

    I had used Milkshape3D on my laptop for some time, the trial period ran out, and so I went to purchase it. I bought a key, they emailed it to me, and I entered it and it said it was valid. Told me to restart the program.

    When I did, it said that I had registered after the trial period ended, and it said to run the program for 2 mins to complete registration. Well, I've done that about 100 times and it still won't let me actually register. I've emailed the creator's website many times in the past few weeks, but I have received no response.

    I cannot save my work unless I register the program by the way.

    So, does anyone know of a program that will completely delete the current installation of ms3d? I am hoping that if I can get rid of it completely and re-install it, then maybe I can enter the serial number and get back to doing some work.
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    Problem is finding the almost probably hidden registry key that keeps tabs on future installation attempts

    I cannot publicly suggest you one way to do this. I probably can't even tell you to PM me with your email address so that I make that suggestion.

    I'm sorry. You should insist on them and demand a refund if they keep on not answering your requests.
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