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Get an all in one LAMP or WAMP package
I don't consider them a reference.

google for lamp instalation instructions and follow them
I don't consider those a reference either. Just because something is easier (and actually, I know for a fact that setting up mod_php is easer than php cgi) doesn't mean it's better.

simply run phpinfo() in your hosting company and check it out.
My hosting company is myself. Every server I have access to (5 servers right now, 3 of them administrated by me) uses mod_php.

Now about the toolkits... ok.. damit, i only said i am using php in order to filter unavaluable solutions.

Which toolkit do you preffer and why?
In case you can and/or feel like it you can refer to some issues related to its usage with php.

Thank you
Haven't much experience with toolkits, but if you're going for PHP, your choice is limited anyway. As far as I know, Qt has no bindings for PHP, nor has wxWidgets, so basically you have GTK+. Not too bad a choice, but I'd prefer wxWidgets, personally.
I heard PHP has bindings for the WinAPI too, but that's obviously not a good choice.