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    Quote Originally Posted by swgh
    The reason for it is unknown, but I put my money on Bloodshed. The DevC++ project was/is left unfinished. If you check the help files, most of it is not even there. You could try looking under project settings or compiler options, but if you run a single source file you get no problem debugging it, it only seems to cause a poblem when you are attempting to debug a project. Code::blocks, also by bloodshed does not however have this issue
    I did some looking around on the web and searched through several thousand archives to find out if/when they would do any more updates on it. . . I don't know for sure, but I think there was a bit of a fight between the developers. . . one even went a bit wacky. . . I found his personal web site. . . he now runs a porn site. Imagine my surprise when I visited his site from work. =(

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    sounds like two little rich men having a barny over the development. At the end of the day I bet it was all down to money

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    I use Dev-C++ even though it hasn't been updated. In my opinion it is the best free IDE out there. Code::Blocks just doesn't work as well (for me).
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbickle
    Choose 'Yes' to compile options/Settings/Linker/Generate debugging information.
    After that , clean and rebuild your project again, and it will contain the debug information.
    that worked great!
    thank you

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