Thread: help with multi "make.exe"

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    help with multi "make.exe"

    Hello, I need to use different make.exe programs, because I need to compile for different platforms. At the moment, I need to change manually the PATH variable to set the needed make.exe directory to be scanned before the other make.exe directories. How can I do this automatically? Any hint? I tried to investigate the dos shell, but it's so poor that I haven't still found how to manage automatically the PATH variable with batch files.


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    Make a make1.bat file:
    and a make2.bat file:
    And put them to a system path folder, like \windows\system32 or \windows or \windows\command.
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    This question doesn't appear to be about windows programming; moved to Tech.

    >>I haven't still found how to manage automatically the PATH variable with batch files<<
    set path=make_path1;make_path2;%path%
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