Thread: Just-In-Time Debugger (Visual Studio 2005)

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    Just-In-Time Debugger (Visual Studio 2005)

    Since I installed Visual Studio 2005, some programs are interrupted by the Just-In-Time Debugger, and I don't know how to disable it. For example, when I try opening Internet Explorer, I get this message, and I can't start up the browser. Sometimes, it also crashes some of my games.

    I have tried to disable the JIT debugger, by unchecking the checkmarks in Tools > Options > Debugging > Just-In-Time, but I just get this message instead, with the same results.

    Please help?

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    Open RegEdit and find the following key:
    Set the value to 1. If later you want to have the JIT back, set it to 0.

    On another account, I seriously doubt your JIT is crashing the browser. What is happening is that your browser is crashing and the JIT fires up asking if you want to debug. That's is the normal operation of a Just-In-Time Debugger; to catch and debug run-time errors.
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    I changed the value of DbgJITDebugLaunchSetting to 1, but the JIT debugger still pops up whenever I open IE7. Would it be possible to uninstall the JIT debugger instead?

    Why would the browser crash though? It ran fine before I installed Visual Studio 2005. Could it be that the newest version of IE is buggy? And in the case of games crashing, it wouldn't be this causing the problem but rather the game itself?

    Also, I got problems with a specific game with connecting to multiplayer IP games. It worked fine before I installed Visual Studio 2005, but now it doesn't connect anymore, and that same JIT message is displayed...

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