Thread: C::B and VS2005 Compiler

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    C::B and VS2005 Compiler

    Anyone else use this set up? I have been playing with it, but I keep getting errors for this or that and I may just end up going back to using MinGW.

    I plan on working with others that use VS, but really would prefer to code using C::B so I am trying to figure out a nice medium. I have VS 2005 SE installed so I can compile any of their code, but in general do you think that code written on MinGW should compile no problem on VS?

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    > but in general do you think that code written on MinGW should compile no problem on VS?
    Yes, but this is a compiler issue, not an IDE issue.

    Of course, all parties need to have a pretty good grasp of what is standard C++ and what is a GNU / Microsoft extension (both camps have many).
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    msvs2005 includes a lot of non-standard stuff aside from c++/cli that require extra steps to exclude. With windows programming, the mingw win32api headers are incomplete at best when compared with msvc or the psdk. The libraries are okay with the exception of those containing statically linked code because they are essentially built from the system dlls. While you can convert a lot of libs and construct headers using msdn, in practice this can be complex and very time consuming. MinGW's COM support is limited. MinGW's libstdc++ does not implement wide character support although you can use a third party library such as stlport to get around this current limitation.

    c89 is fine for both compilers; mingw is the only one of the two that will compile c99.
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