Thread: "failed to grant minimum permission request"

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    "failed to grant minimum permission request"

    I'm on uni computers at the moment and am using Visual Studio 2005 (pro ed). I'm trying to create a WinForms application. When I create a new WinForms project, all the necessary files and headers are created. However, when I try and compile it, it comes up with "Unhandled Exception failed to grant minimum permission requests"
    Since I'm on a network, does the compiler work remotely? I tried compiling a simple Console application and it worked fine. any ideas what's happening, or should I wait till the technician comes back which could take a while?

    PS: Don't tell me to use google ( thought I'd add that to prevent people getting my threads locked).

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    Seems something related to your particular setup. Definitely nothing to do with C++, so you should have posted this in Tech.
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    Definitely nothing to do with C++.
    "Unhandled Exception failed to grant minimum permission requests"
    That looks like C# to me . . .

    I would definitely guess that you don't have the right permissions to access whatever file you're trying to open.

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    Apologies for the delayed reply, and also for posting in the wrong forum. The technician will be back on Monday or Tuesday, so I'll have a word with him. I'm using Visual Studio, but in particular, C++. Seems strange though that they won't allow me to compile and Form Designed files, but console applications are fine.

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