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    Computer = Messed Up

    I have a computer which someone has let get out of hand. It got tons of ........ on it somehow, and now is very messed up. Symptoms:

    On start up I get an error that hprblog.exe has referenced 0x00000000. When I start any program, or try to do most anything in a normal boot, then explorer.exe will crash referencing 0x00000000, sometimes msmgsgs.exe will do the same, I have also had sgtray.exe and LUCOMS~1.exe also do this when a program closes. Task Manager will not will crash explorer but it itself will stay running, and then Task manager will crash when closed. After it sits, everything being all crashed, computer will sort of freeze up, and then will explorer will reappear.

    I can start it in safe mode, and I can get all the documents off it, etc. but when i try to do a system restore, no matter how far back I go, it will still crash in a normal boot. I did not know that it wasn't a full restore, whatever. I have in the task list some malicious programs are abound it seems:


    Computer is not mine and has a relatively complex set up that would suck to rebuild after reinstalling the OS. But if that is what is necessary I'll tell them to suck it.

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    This is a very nice message board when it comes to dealing with malware issues. If you post your problem there you can get step-by-step help for cleaning out that computer. I myself had an effed up compy and made a lot of progress thanks to them (at least until I decided I had really nothing to lose and just went and ditched Windows outright).
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    Thank you. I was going to also going to ask if anyone knew if they could redirect me to any good tech support boards.

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