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    Red face Help Me Buy A Monitor


    I'm looking to upgrade my tiny 15 inch NEC LCD to something meatier. I'm specifically looking for decent 17 incher, although 19 is quite cheap these days it doesn't offer anything more in terms of resolution (just bigger pixels), plus I'd rather get a 17 with bells and whistles than an entry level 19.

    Budget is limited to around 150, so none of this "GET TEH DELL 24INCH WIDSCREEEN!! LOL!!11!!" please.

    Brands I've looked at include Iiyama, Samsung and Viewsonic. The reviews for the monitors are really annoying though, as they go on about non-uniform brightness and such. I JUST WANT A MONITOR THAT WORKS AS IT SHOULD!

    So, to recap:-
    • 17 inch
    • 8ms or less
    • Can do 1280x1024 @ 75Hz
    • DVI
    • Internal PSU
    • Without crappo speakers if possible

    What am I bid?

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    This is the monitor I have, and I've never had a problem with it. Plays games and movies just fine, no dead pixels after two years, and I had to turn the brightness down to 3(of 100) to be able to look at it, it was so bright.

    If you're wanting to actually spend that much more for something, I have a friend with this monitor and it's awesome. I personaly wouldn't pay the extra, just because the one I have does what I need and does it quite well.

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    The Acer one's out of the question (no DVI), plus I've heard that in general LG colour reproduction is pretty average considering the price.

    Just seen the Sony SDME-E76D on Amazon, 17 inch, 8ms, DVI, no speakers... I'm almost sold. Don't think much of the stand though.

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    Hhhmm... I think I'll save up for the Dell 24". Reason being I've just used a friend's so I'm sold. I'm actually looking for a 24" screen bigger with 600:1+ contrast ratio and 8ms too if anyone's seen something out there.
    Can someone also tell me if all LCD TVs/monitors including the HDMI/HD ready ones can accept input from my GPU (7900GT)??
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    No, VGA port? You can buy a converter for cheap. When I built my computer my graphics card came with two converters so I could use my monitor. Another really important thing to consider is the adjustability of the screen. Looking at LCD screens from weird angles messes with the color, brightness, and contrast. I made that mistake so I have to sit on a pillow to be as the best angle for viewing the monitor.
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