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    Question about IDE.


    at the moment i use Visual C++ 6.0 (Free Book Version), but now want
    buy a Professional IDE, but i don't know wich.

    What is the better alternative, Borland C++ or Visual Studio?
    I also want that the header files graphics.h, colors.h,
    and the sound() funtions are included, because i have
    many programs (downloaded from programmersheaven)
    wich don't work because i don't have the needed header
    files and functions.

    I realized that the only way for me to learn, is to play
    with other code and therefore it's important that my IDE
    knows C++ and it is able to compile and execute every
    program i find in the Internet.

    So please can anyone give me a commendation?

    Thank you!


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    > able to compile and execute every program i find in the Internet.
    You will never find this because many programs are platform dependent, even those old programs which depend on graphics.h which you seem to be keen on.

    Anything using graphics.h is at least a decade old from being a viable answer, so you should really treat them as "for information only".

    Learning a modern graphical API will enable you to write much better programs (more visual appeal), using modern compilers.

    Also understand there is a difference between an IDE and a compiler. The IDE just brings the editor, compiler, debugger and help files closer together. The "C++ aware" editor for example just knows bascally to display "class" say in a different colour. The real work is in the compiler, and it's compiler and OS specific libraries.
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