Thread: C++.NET vs. C#.NET

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    C++.NET vs. C#.NET

    Ok, i am very noob in terms of .NET technologies. I have made a web browser with .NET and wow! its incredibly easy. I used microsoft visual c++ 2005. But, i read some articles of people saying how good it was to program with C#.NET, actually does it have any difference from C++.NET besides the sintax?

    And if a job requirement is to have .NET knowledge, is it for a especific language or just .NET with donīt matter what language?

    I dont know if the term C++.NET exists does it exist? Does anyone have ever used it or people just use C#.NET and i am the only strange guy that has ever used C++ with .NET?

    Thank you.

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    C++.NET probably either means a) Managed Extensions for C++ or b) C++/CLI

    The former is used in VS 2003 and is deprecated in favor of C++/CLI (in VS 2005), which is really its own language, though it obviously is strongly related to C++, at least in syntax.

    .NET languages have an awful lot in common, which makes sense since the .NET framework is supposed to allow easy development of applications with multiple languages (lots of info:
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