I am using SUSE 10.0. There is no problem with my sound card, but my amarok ( or any player) doesnt play mp3 files.
I installed XINE from the installation DVD I had..
Does YAST of SUSE do "make" and "make-install" automatically? Else, which directory should i be in, if I have to do it manually? The directory having the "xine" shell script did not have a make file, I suppose..
It also complained of the file "xine-config" not being found and prompted me to install xine-lib again, I ended up with the same result.
THe version of XINE that came with my DVD was 1.1, I think..
And the required plugins are stored and they are of type ".so". I am aware of what .so files are, but do i have to link them every time the need arises? and how do i link them in this application?