Thread: VC++ 6 question: browsing into a library

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    VC++ 6 question: browsing into a library

    I have the following situation:

    I have a library (.lib and .dll) that I also have the source code to. I have an external program that uses this library. I am getting an internal error from a function inside the library and I want to debug into it from my external program. The library has a .dsw file but of course it produces the .lib and .dll so I can't just add my source files to it and compile.

    So, my question is: Is there anyway to get the browse info of the library's workspace into the workspace of my program so that I can step through the library's source code? Alternatively, is there anyway to change a workspace from library to executeable so that I can add my source files to it, compile and debug that way?


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    If it is a 3rd party library it should have already been debugged. Otherwise if they did not include debug information in the lib at compile time and they have not given you the debug symbols, then no, there isn't a way to browse it.

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    I have the source code to the library and I can compile and build it at will. I know there's no problem with the library, but I want to know exactly where the error happens. I can build debug info into the library but I don't know how to use that info in another project.

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    After compiling the lib with debug symbols, you will be able to step through it. Just place a breakpoint at a place of call and then step into

    EDIT: Oh... and make sure the library source code path is in the include list
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    I still can't get it to work.

    I have the .bsc file from the library in the same directory as my workspace and project.

    Where do I add the path to the library's source? Is it under resources and "Additional Resource Include Paths"?

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