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    Computer building resources

    I'm interesting in (eventually) building my own computer. Does anyone know of any good resources (websites or books) that teach the basics of this? Most of what I was able to find is either too basic (learning the names of the parts etc) or too advanced.

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    I learned to build computers on all of the tech forums I belong to. They are a good place to learn stuff like that. Building a computer is very simple. Here are a list of parts that you'll need:
    Power Supply
    Processor & Processor Cooling
    Video Card
    Sound Card
    Other extention cards (Did I spell that right?...)
    Hard Drive
    CD-Drive (DVD Burners, etc.)
    Anything else you need.

    Here are some good basic steps:
    1) Open up the case and screw in the case fans (unless you want H2O cooling or something like that...)
    2)Screw in the standoffs that you will put the motherboard on in the motherboard tray. Then put the motherboard on and screw the standoff screws into the standoffs.
    3) Screw in the Power supply.
    4)Put the Processor, RAM, Extension cards, etc. Onto the motherboard.
    5)Screw in the Hard drive, CD Drive, etc. In the drive bays.
    6)Connect the Case LEDs & switches into the motherboard
    7) Plug all the power cords to the drives, Motherboard, processor, video card (If PCI-Express)
    8) Plug in the Keyboard, monitor, Mouse, etc.
    I hope I didnt miss anything, I'm in a hurry ATM...
    9)Turn it on and install the OS, and you're good to go.

    I would be glad to help if you want help chosing parts
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    Go to for parts and awesome deals! Once in a while BestBuy or Circuit City will have some good deals. But I would stay away from those stores because they are pricey! Unless you don't care about your money, then by all means do whatever you want!

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    Those are good sites too. Also check out:
    It will give you the site that has the best price for a specific part
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    A simple search using "How to build computer" on brought these up as the first 4. There are literally thousands of sites devoted to the knowledge you seek, but first you must actually seek them.

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