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    I have a FC4 machine of i386 architecture.

    when i am trying to run any simple program like

    using namespace std;
    int main()
    cout<<"Hello World";
    return 0;
    This code compiles well.
    it gives me error saying required not found/exist. I have just now installed libstdc++4.0.2.fc4.rpm but it still persists. I think it is some runtime library linking issue.
    Ihad also run /sbin/ldconfig.
    A few days back it was working perfectly. After that to have some space i uninstalle some applications, one of them was ecclipse. Only in ecclipse i removed c++ development environment. Do this have sth to do with such behaviour.How i can restore it back.
    i am looking for help in this regard.

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    gcc -v
    on the command line. If the compiler that comes up is gcc-3.3.x, upgrade at least to 3.4.x. Or install libstdc++3.x.
    Basically, gcc-3.3 needs libstdc++3, which is gcc-3.4 and above use libstdc++4, which is Yes, it's confusing.
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