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    I want to ask any one that is willing to help me how to get to UNIX MANUAL. I have try on google reading some stuff... and the command to type in Konsole are:

    man ls --> Shows the manual page for the ls command
    info ls

    both of the commands are the something I want to know if this is the document that we should read or is there something else. This document only has 237 lines i think it should have more because for my assigment i have to read this:

    REQUIRED READING UNIX manual pages for the following:
    fork, system, execl, getpid, getppid, wait, waitpid, sleep, ps, perror and exit.

    Can anyone help me! Thanks for your help...


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    Well, just read the man pages for each command.
    $ man fork
    $ man system
    $ man execl
    $ # ...

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    Thank you very much! I really like the way you guys do it... thanks for the quick reply. You make this forum Rock...

    Thanks DWKS

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    How to read is not a C question - moved to Tech board.
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