Thread: What would skip do??

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    What would skip do??

    This is an odd question, but I have always wondered what the answer is.

    When I use Visual 2003 edition, and compile a program, what does the "Skipped" term mean when the compiler compiles the code?

    Why on earth would it wish to skip anything anyway, it always says none, but I have never seen a use for it, so why did the creators of the compiler add it to the exe list output?

    Output: Sucsesed 1, failed 0, SKIPPED 0

    Does anyone know what skipped means?

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    I think it's in the case where you do a complete rebuild a wish to avoid recompiling a certain part of the project solution. It's only a wild guess though.

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    I think its for large-scale development. ie, If your solution contains more than one project, and one or more of the projects fail to build, the compiler may skip some of the other projects. I'm not sure if you can manually choose to skip projects, I guess it might be useful for debugging (if you only need to compile a small part of the solution, and don't want to sit and wait half an hour for some extremely large project to compile)

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