Thread: Need help with X11/KDE cursors

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    Need help with X11/KDE cursors

    OK, let me first explain what I did. I downloaded Fink, so that I could have Linux compatibility on Mac OS X. I used it to install XFree86 and KDE, and I'm quite amazed at how well it works. One small problem exists. When XFree86 (or KDE for that matter) is started, all my cursors are white, with no outlines. When I move the cursor over something dark, it shows up, but when I move it onto a white background I can see nothing at all.

    I shrugged my shoulders, and downloaded a few nice X11 mouse themes. They installed, and my cursor showed up. Sort of. When the cursor is in its default mode (pointing), then it looks alright. But whenever it goes into the text-editing cursor, it goes back the all-white cursor. The cursor is in the right shape, just all white. No matter what theme I use, the only thing that changes is the default pointing cursor. All the others stay the same, so when, for example, I'm trying to edit text in KWrite or KDevelop, then I can't see where my mouse cursor is.

    This is really annoying. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

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    I found something like that here:
    KDE users please note that installing the cursors through the control center can cause some cursors to use the default X cursors. To fix this simply extract the theme directly to /.icons/ in your home folder.
    Try as they suggest; download one of the cursor themes and extract it to ~/.icons.

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    Thank you so much......

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