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    Major wireless problem

    This problem has been right from the start when I got my D-Link router. It's the latest model, with 802.11 G Turbo, and WPA2 encryption. What basically happens is my laptop connects to the network, but then it sits there saying that it can't get a DHCP-assigned IP address. Usually, the problem resolves itself in a few minutes. Today was especially bad. I couldn't get internet at all, so I had to hook up my laptop with hard-wired ethernet.

    That's the other point. All my other computers are on hard-wired ethernet, and they have no problems getting an IP address. It's only my wireless DHCP. I have no idea what is going wrong.

    Here are my router settings:
    Wireless Radio: ON
    SSID: default
    Channel: 6
    Super G Mode: Super G with dynamic turbo
    Extended Range Mode: Off
    802.11 G only mode: Off
    SSID broadcast: Off
    Security: WPA2
    Cipher Type: AES

    My wireless bars show full 95% of the time, and when I ping another computer on the network, I get a response. I just can't access the internet when I have a "self-assigned IP address". Even when I do get an IP address, sometimes I lose it after an hour or so.

    This is so annoying......

    Here is how my network status looks all the time:

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    Hmm... have to tried reconfiguring the router or resetting it to factory settings? Otherwise, just connect to the router and check all of the settings in the firmware. Maybe there is something hidden in some advanced settings page.
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