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    Question New computer...

    Alright I am going to get a new computer, but I dont really know where to start. So really these are my questions
    1) Should I buy and build custom
    2) if so what is cheapest place for parts?
    3) If not what OEM is best to buy from?
    4) How good of a system can I build (with OS) for under 1000$

    Thanks for any help. I have been quoting some stuff on, and off, any other good sites to get some quotes? Thank you again

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    1) Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3) Buy them from
    4) You can get a really good computer for under $1000, that is excluding the moniter. Personally, I would wait till conroe drops thenyou can pick up an AMD 4600 X2 for $300, normally at $500. Get a 7600gt (depends on what games you will be playing) and 2g ram for $200. It will be able to run vista very well.

    Or you could get conroe but i'm not sure how good it is.

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    1) Yes.
    2) Find a local dealer, they will cost a little bit more(not much) than Newegg, but if you have any issues with the parts it is MUCH easier to take them back and get it replaced. Plus you don't have to wait for shipping.
    3) If you are looking to spend that kind of money OEM probably isn't for you.
    4) You could easily build a really nice system, if you are happy with your current monitor you can build an even nicer system. Once you have a full custom computer you just have to replace parts over time and you will constantly have a nice computer. It is a good investment. With OEMs, typically you have to buy from them due to non-standard cases, motherboards, cooling systems, and a PSU that is ment to barely run the system it ships with.

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    I am getting ready to build myself a new computer. THe last time I priced parts (about 3 months ago) I was able to create an awsome setup for around $1200. THis included a 17" flatscreen, current pentium processor, a very good sound and video card (although not top of the line), all in one printer, 7.1 surround speakers... the whole nine yards. Check out and do a search on google for parts. You can come up with some great deals, although you will have to get parts from 2 or 3 different sites to get the best prices. Just make sure everything matches up or you will be in a world of problems!
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    hmm, I havent been able to come up with anything quite that good yet, for what I want is around 2k, but I am sure I can cut it down if I need to. ( just gotta lower my standards a bit )

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