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    I've read from several places that windows task manager is NOT a good way to tell if you application is leaking memory.

    What is a good way to tell?
    Is there a handy app that monitors memory usage?
    Is using perfmon just as bad?

    I'm a relative c++ n00b so sorry if my question is stupid.

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    If you are looking for memory debugger on Windows, you could try Purify. There is also Valgrind, but that's for Linux.
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    There is a Windows tool that unlike Task Manager will actually tell you how much memory your program is using.

    Click the Start button, and select "Run". Type in "perfmon" and press enter.
    Highlight each of the counters listed (I think there are 3 to start with) and press the Delete key to remove them.
    Now press the button above the graph that looks like '+'.
    In the dialog that appears, select "process" for the "performance object".
    For the counter, select "private bytes".
    Finally, select your program's process from the instance list and press OK.

    This will tell you exactly how much memory your program is using.

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