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    Java Binary File IO

    I am doing some File reading... and I am having some problems with a bit of it...

    I was having some weird output and it took me a long time to figure it out, it turns out Java doesn't like reading 1000 000 , 1000 0010 , 1001 1101 , and 1001 1111 ... I haven't check all possibilities.

    I take the whole file, and read it into a char[] using :
            public BufferReader(File lFile) {
    		if (lFile.exists() && lFile.isFile() && lFile.canRead()) {
    			try {
    				iBuffer = new char[(int) lFile.length()];
    				Reader lIn = new FileReader(lFile);;
    			catch ( Exception pEx ) {
    				iBuffer = null;
    It reads it all in and says that it is all good, but when I take a cell that should contain one of the above values, I end up with a value that is >255 (which should be possible I would think)
    should read it out as an int and throughout 99% of the file it is fine, but there are 3 bytes that end up with values > 255 and they contain the above values.

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    Reader and char doesn't agree with binary. Use an InputStream and byte.
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