Thread: help getting router to bb phone

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    help getting router to bb phone

    we just hooked up and arris tm402p modem thingy (sorry idk what to call it). I have the phone and my internet hooked up to it

    The Problem:
    I have tried to hook up a router to the modem thingy and run my computer and xbox to the router, but when i do, niether works. Also if i jsut plug in my xbox to the modem thingy it still doesnt work.

    I've tried contacting them, but their u.s. hours are done until tommorw morning and my friends want to play live. And it asked me for my product support contract number, but i dont kno what it is so teh call was useless.

    Help pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
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    did you configure the router? (btw, I'm assuming modem thingy means DSL modem here)
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