Hello, I needsome hints: I heard about two MS tools that can be used to develop for WinCe: VC++ embedded and .Net Compact Framework.
I need to develop a soft RealTime application, which reads data from a Bluetooth port running at baudrate 115.200: this because I developed a PalmOS application before working well with a Bluetooth device I built, and now I'm going to rewrite it for WinCE.

I'd like to use .Net, so that I can use the same Development Environment for PC and paltop, but I guess VC++ embedded compiled code is faster than compiled .Net executable, but I'm not shure.

Another thing is this: I have platform builder for an embedded system: are there restrictions/problems about using .Net to develop for a custom WinCe version? Or should I just use VC++ embedded in this case?

Thank you for any suggestion,