Thread: what program is using this file?

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    what program is using this file?

    I downloaded a file related to an AutoCAD trial offer some time ago, but never got around to doing anything with it.

    Last week, I tried deleting it, but got the message "this file cannot be deleted it is being used by another program" etc etc...I just left it alone, thinking it'd be okay to delete some other time.

    Well, I was wrong, I tried deleting it again today but got the same message...I have absolutely no clue what program is using this file, as there doesn't appear to be anything running that even remotely relates to AutoCAD....

    How can I find out what program/process is using this file? I am upset now, I want this damn thing gone.
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    Are you using Firefox? This happens sometimes with firefox where it doesn't "clean-up" after download completes or when you stop it before it finished. I have had this problem once or twice. I use a program called moveonboot to delete it, but there are other utilities as well that can break the lock.

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    Dropping into Safe Mode usually allows you to delete them. They usually get locked by Explorer because some programmer with annoying habits likes to integrate their program component DLLs with the shell.

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    If deleting it in safe mode doesnt work like SMurf suggested try FileMon ( ) .

    With this tool you'll be able to see what process is using what files.

    Once the process located , you can manually kill it , and afterwards delete the file.

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    Also from sysinternals is process explorer, which has a handy search feature to find out which program still has its sticky fingers on whatever resource interests you.
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    Moveonboot worked (I downloaded the file with firefox, I'm guessing that's what caused the problem).

    I appreciate the other replies, thanks a bunch guys
    I'm not immature, I'm refined in the opposite direction.

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