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    Windows XP 32/64

    I was wondering is it very much possible to install windows xp home 32 and windows 64 in a dual boot? With no problems. Which would be best to install first im only using the 64 bit for 64 bit development programming in C and thats it really nothing else, i would use 64 in VMWare but it doesn't recoginze the EM64T processor so i can't use the 64 bit on vmware.

    Does MinGW work with 64? Cause I heard it only builds 32 but i heard different also.

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    Yes, you can dualboot 32/64 bit XP without problems. At least not with problems that relate to dual booting... I'd install the 32-bit XP first, as this will make your inevitable issues installing 64-bit XP a little less of a hassle. You'll probably have a hard (occasionally impossible) time finding 64-bit drivers that work properly with your hardware.

    And as far as MinGW goes; I don't know anything about it other than you will be able to run the 32-bit version on your 64-bit XP through XPs WoW emulator. I don't know offhand if it can properly compile 64-bit code.
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