Thread: What's the best way to sync an Excel spreadsheet and a MySQL database

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    What's the best way to sync an Excel spreadsheet and a MySQL database

    I've got a webpage powered by php/MySQL, and I need to import an Excel spreadsheet into the MySQL database. It's not really that complicated; just one table.

    The problem is that all the tools I've found are either commerical (I like things free ), or they only run on Windows, or both.

    What I need is a solution that allows me to import my spreadsheet, and keep it synced, because it is likely that I will be adding more records to my spreadsheet.

    And I certainley can't hand-type it, because I've got around 500+ records that I need to import. I tried using this, but it didn't quite work: some of the data was in the wrong fields, and trying to correct all those records would be almost as hard as hand typing.

    So please, if anyone has an idea, say so. They will be appreciated greatly.

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    1. Save the excel file as a .csv, which is very easy to parse.

    2. Rummage in the source code of openoffice, which can read excel files.
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