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    math question

    Meow? Math question. Which is the correct way of doing this?

    Say i have a math problem of AB2 <ab squared> converting it to c.

    1 Do you multiply a times b then square
    2 Do you square b then multiply by a

    example a = 3 b =7

    if you do it by number 1 you have 3*7 = 21 then square = 441

    if you do it by number 2 you have 7 squared = 49 then times 3 = 147

    which is the correct answer? Meow?

    i have one book that says one way and another that says the other way?

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    Brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction

    so, 2.

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    please someone correct me if i'm wrong, but i think you do it this way.

    value of (a) multiplied by the value (b) squared
    ab^2 = a * b^2 = 3 * 7^2 = 3 * 49 = 147
    someVariable = a * sqrt(b);

    otherwise you would need to do the following.
    (ab)^2 = (a)^2 * (b)^2 = 3^2 * 7^2 = 9 * 49 = 441
    notice how the brackets change everything
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    good news.... eighter one give you an answer

    bad news .... only a 50% chance of getting a correct answer

    so if e = mv2 energy equals velosity squared
    you square v then multiply by mass of 3grams? to get the energy correct answer. of 147 g/ftsec

    ok thank you

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    If there are no parenthesis, like in e = mv^2, it means the same as e=m*(v^2), i.e. square v first, then multiply.
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    Assuming you are talking about kinetic energy, the equation is 1/2 mv^2, and you need to use consistent units, or the answer will be meaningless.

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    thank you anonytmouse i forgot what the exact formula was and what units were used. i could not figure out if one of the books was wrong or if i had messed up. book wrong. besides the energy formula there are other things that use the d =ab^2 type math statement. so i thought i had better check to make sure i was doing things correctly. thank you all again.

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