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    MD5 Thing

    Can someone please explain to me what this means
    It would be nice if someone could translate it to PHP
    PHP only has a md5() function
       #define AIM_MD5_STRING "AOL Instant Messenger (SM)"
       /* calculate md5-hash to send to server */
       md5_append(&state, (const md5_byte_t *)authkey, strlen(authkey));
       md5_append(&state, (const md5_byte_t *)passwd, strlen(passwd));
       md5_append(&state, (const md5_byte_t *)AIM_MD5_STRING, strlen(AIM_MD5_STRING));
       md5_finish(&state, (md5_byte_t *)auth_hash);
       /* Now we ready send to server auth_hash array (16 bytes long) */
    maybe this link will help:
    i do not understand their definition of what the functions does
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    looks like it initializes an md5 hash to a certain state, adds the authkey, password, and "AOL Instant Messenger (SM)" to it, then finishes it... dunno how... maybe it's putting it into auth_hash because the next line of code implies that after it does that little dance it has an array ready to send to the server...?

    btw, I didn't check the PDF... PDF links are on my s-list for now.
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    Ah, found out what it does
    It just does this in PHP
    md5($key . $password . "AOL Instant Messenger (SM)");
    Adds the strings together then does md5 crap on it all combined

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