Thread: ISA card with new computer?

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    Question ISA card with new computer?

    Hi, I have an expensive ISA card which I would like to make on a new computer. I see that I have 2 options, and I'm wondering which is most feasible. I am using Windows XP Pro.

    1) Find a new motherboard that has an ISA slot. I found some here:

    2) Purchase an ISA to PCI converter that would attach to the motherboard OR a PCI to ISA converter that would attach to the card, and I've found some here:

    For this would I need to write my own device drivers, would the company supply them, or would this likely just plug and play and work?

    Which option seems best and most feasible? Would either of these options likely even not work? PLEASE RESPOND!
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    I thought they withdrew support for ISA expansion card-based devices in XP? Or if they didn't, wherever I read it was lying...

    You're gonna pay a premium regardless of which options you choose. And no, it's unlikely that whatever company made the card or PCI adapter will give you drivers for that card. Unless the adapter comes with drivers that pretends the adapter is a seperate ISA bus, I suppose.

    I can think of absolutely no reason why you need a new computer at all. Get a Pentium II off eBay and be done with it!

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