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    Question emacs and key mapping help

    Hi, does anyone have a "standard" .emacsrc file I can look at? The .emacsrc I have was customized by another user and has a bunch of special key mappings set up that I don't like, but I don't know enough about shell scripting to fix it myself. Even just a list of symbols used for special keys would be helpful -- for example, I know ^C is Control+C and M=Meta=Esc, but what is A-1, FN6, ^[[17~~, FN^2, etc. in lines like this?

    bind-to-key search-reverse  M-FN^2
    set $palette "KEYMAP A-1 ^[Oq"
    set $palette "KEYMAP FN6 ^[[17~~"
    I am using ksh on AIX if that makes a difference. Thanks!
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    Maybe in the emacs installation directory.

    Or perhaps ask your sysadmin.
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