Thread: not really "Cprogramming" question about email

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    not really "Cprogramming" question about email

    Hello boys and girls,
    I'm developing a simple SMTP client in C, and it works well: the only problem is that the emails I send take a long long time before be delivered (about 20 minutes) while using other "professional" apps with the same message this time is about 1 minute. I made the tests at the same time of the day, and I continously foud that difference in the delivery time: does anyone have any help/link/idea ? Do I forget any "x" field in the description of the message perhaps? I only use smtp protocol!!

    Thank you for your help, and sorry for posting perhaps in the wrong post.


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    Does your implemetation 100% fits the SMTP RFC? Maybe there is something wrong with your terminating character sequence (As I remember it must be sometinh like <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>)

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    Maybe use ethereal to trace and analyse the protocol messages being sent and received by a standard application and your application?
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