Thread: Modem Driver Strangeness.

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    Modem Driver Strangeness.

    Alright.. so i'm still one of those idiots stuck on dialup, and i'm having a strange problem with my modem drivers. I'm using a U.S. Robotics 56K Internal Winmodem (Meh.), and it works just fine, except every once in a while, it'll throw me this error: "There was a hardware failure in the modem or other connecting device.

    I've come to discover that if I uninstall and reinstall the modem driver, it will go back to acting just fine. What's the problem here? Should I be looking for a new version of my drivers or is there a different underlying cause to this?

    Thanks much.

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    Have you installed any new hardware/software, it is possible that this could be causing a conflict. If not check with the manufacturer and see if they have an update.
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