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    ATI Linux display drivers

    I've been trying to get x64 ATI display drivers for Mandriva 2006 x64 installed, and I think everything has gone the way it should have (although i'm not realy sure).
    I ran the ATI install program, and after the install, ran aticonfig with the initialization option as it says to do, and rebooted.

    I'm having some issues though.
    1) The KDE program for getting OpenGL information crashes (it crashed before I installed the new drivers too)
    2) I try and run fglrxinfo, and I get this:
    [root@localhost bin]# ./fglrxinfo
    Loading required GL library /usr/lib64/
    Segmentation fault
    I get the same segmentation fault error on other OpenGL related information programs aswell.

    I'm frairly new to Linux, so I don't have a very good idea of what's going on. Did my driver install even work? Am I missing librarys?
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    Your real problem is that your running an ati.

    Anway, look around google, problems with ati drivers aren't rare (even with windows).
    Try checking out too, I have come across a few ati problems, hope you can find a solution there.

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    Loading required GL library /usr/lib64/
    Segmentation fault
    or, the opengl got corrupted, if you are getting the segmentation fault when libGLso.1 is loaded that may be the problem.
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