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    HI, I have a very bizzare prblem with my laptop and i've had this issue for a while. (past few months)

    I own an IBM thinkpad A31p and it runs great except at extremely random times it jsut I found a solution to this s a weird one...all I do is I hook up my usb mouse and it has not once randomly crashed when its connected.

    So i assumed it may have been a problem with the mouse drivers..I updated all those..still same problem. I used a diffrent copy of windows xp and that didnt solve my problem either.

    I dontknow if this is a hardware or software problem. and it hard to test becasue the freezing is very could happen hours after I start the laptop or just a few minutes or any time in between.

    anyone ever have a similair issue?


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    it sounds like the laptop is frequently trying to detect the mouse and its not plugged in so it makes it stutter being confused

    check for background processes that might be trying to find the mouse

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