Thread: Editing variables while running a flash program.

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    Editing variables while running a flash program.

    I'm sure this is possible, but I bet it is incredibly complicated.

    So there's a browser based flash application, and in this application I need to find and edit a variable. *edit* Oh yeah, I must be able to change the variable while the program is running */edit*

    Any ideas on how to do this?
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    you'd have to use a debugger...however I don't know if you'd have an easy time of finding the correct memory location. I don't know if the flash animation would be in the same memory space as the browser or a seperate space under a process for the flash plugin...probably depends on what browser at that point also...what is this for anyway? Trying to get the high score on some flash game?
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    There are apps out there already. I don't know any off the top of my head. I see them used all the time though, so they can't be too difficult to find.
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