Thread: ERP and CRM ????

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    ERP and CRM ????

    Hi !

    I am programmer working in software development field..... for about 3+ years now ..... and recently I have been considering to get involved in the business design side of it......

    I want to learn ERP stuff like SAP, oracle and peoplesoft but I am confused on how to go about it ......

    Is there a way someone can learn these on their own or I need to join expensive training classes ????

    DO I need to have a business degree to find a job in these fields ???

    What is a safe to go about learning these which can augument to ones career and not just be another technology added to the resume ????

    Most jobs I see are ones asking for sap consultant/oracle consultant but they ask for 5+ years experience so I wonder where are the beginner level jobs in these ???

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    It is unlikely you will find a consultant job which does not require any experience, think about it.

    Typically, you join a firm which uses these products and go through their in house training to get the required knowledge and experience, then branch out into consultancy.

    You can, of course, buy books to learn about some of these products, but the problem is that the products themselves are very expensive, and difficult to justify buying for yourself.
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