Thread: Is it so trouble?

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    Is it so trouble?

    I used to use VC++6. I just need to put the program and all the input data files in one fold. Double click the program name, the vc6 window will open and then you can see the 'Build' tab and can do the 'compiling' 'linking' and 'run' immediately. How convenient it is!

    I just installed VC++7.0. I found it is so trouble! You have to set up project first. If you open the program directly, you will not see the 'Build' tab, i.e. you can not do 'compiling' 'linking' ...

    Besides, after setting up the project, you have to "add new item' to input the data file one by one. I have 30-100 data files. You can imagine how trouble it is!

    I am wondering VC7 should be more convenient than VC6, The troubles I met because I have not master the right way for the VC7?

    Hope your help!

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    Like every new piece of software it takes getting used to.
    You're going to have to learn how to use it and yes, that can be somewhat annoying if you've gotten the operation of an old piece of kit engraved in your mind.

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    and that's the main reason why people should learn to program without the (dubious) benefits of IDEs but using just an editor and a commandline compiler.

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    Yumin I recently upgraded to v8.0 (2005) myself and you have to create a project for the file before you can compile it.

    It just takes a little getting used to like stated above.

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    I remember back in the day when I moved from VS6 to VS7, and now VS8 (2005), it was quite confusing, and somewhat anoying. But you'll get used to it. The benefits are much greater than the inconvinience and anoyance...
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