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    Flash and PHP

    I'm working for this place, and I'm the web developer and a girl is the web designer. I've done a ton of web development, and I'm very familiar with XHTML, CSS, and PHP. I have a very good feel for how it all should go together. She does Flash, and she also uses Dreamweaver to design all of her pages.

    On this site we're doing, she has a box in the middle that scrolls by setting the CSS overflow property to auto and the height to a set value.

    In that is a list of profiles for the staff members for the company. Their profiles are pulled from a MySQL database using PHP.

    However, she doesn't like how the default browser scrollbars look - she says it looks "unprofessional." So, she wants to use Flash and still pull the content from the database AND retain the formatting. But there is just no way I can see to do this. It's just rediculous, and we're going around and around, and she thinks I don't know what I'm talking about.

    Anybody got any ideas on how to pull this off?

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    Getting the content from the Mysql Database using php inside flash is possible, to retain the formatting ... isnt as far as i know...
    When i got webdesign, they told us to leave the browserproperties which you can set using javascript or css alone.

    I just hate it when people come and touch the way my browser looks like ( like changing the color of the scrollbars etc ) , when I surf a site I want to get some information, I dont want my browser to start acting like it's been on some kind of drug for the past three days.

    That's my opinion regarding the design issue...

    As to get to your question, if you really want to use flash and php together my approach would be to only get some userID from the staff out of your mysql db, then in the flash thingie , just use links to their profile.

    At least thats how I understand it should look like, a flash animation that only displays a list of staff members where you can select one from.

    It's a long time since I used flash but it has to be possible to do something as a function that does the same as a Header("Location:index.php?viewprofile=userID").

    It's just a thought though never tried something like that but it has to be possible ( I think ).

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    It is possible. I don't know about the formatting though.

    What I do know is is the place for this question, and the place you'll find your answer.
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