Thread: More random thoughts on constructing scripting languages.

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    More random thoughts on constructing scripting languages.

    Because I'm insane and ZOMG FREEWARE3D MMORPG is so lame by now.

    from what I've heard, a virtual machine is at the core of a scripting language, and it interprets scripts and converts them into bytecode. However, I'm not particularly sure WHAT bytecode is, and what the conversion to it entails. The tutorial I found creates a virtualMachine class, which contains script objects (which contain instruction objects), and then parses them with a bunch of switch statements. This is a bit of an understatement, but it (hopefully) conveys the basic idea.

    Problem is, I don't really get how this converts anything to bytecode. Is this not actually a virtual machine, per, se, but an emulator of one?

    Also, if anyone has any articles on this, I'd love to see them. Googling's just returned a ton of stuff about the Java Virtual Machine, and don't really help me much.

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    Byte code are bytes which represent instructions for the virtual machine to carry out. If you wanted the value 0x01 to tell the virtual machine to quit then you would likely have something like
    if (Byte==0x01)
    To create the Byte code you might do something like this
    if (!strcmpi(Command, "Quit"))
    The virtual machine would be an emulator if it was designed to do the job of a system which allready exists such as game console emulators which read in ROMs and try to proecess them in the same way the console dose.
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    An implementation of the parser/interperter for Javascript, you may find some design info listed somewhere on the site.

    Perhaps a better google?

    Some other stuff

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