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    CPU temp

    I have been having a lot of issues with the system lately..the cpu usage seems to increase all of a sudden to 100% and sometimes, a lot of CPU cycles are taken up by applications like opera or my firewall (armor2net). I checked the system temperature, and my cpu temperature varies between 60 and 75. currently it is 63 degree centigrade. The case reading is about 67 and its constant at that, and the motherboard temperature is about 37. These temperatures seem to be on the higher side. Also, the local temperature at the place where i live is about 30 degree centigrade. Currently i have one fan over the cpu with the heatsink, a fan in the rear and a fan at the side. The CPU fan speed is about 5200 rpm. My system is : Asrock 865gv intel chipset motherboard, 2.4 Ghz celeron cpu, 768(512+256) ram, nvidia 5200fx graphic accelerator(PCI), 300 watt smps, one 40 gb ide hdd and one 80 gb sata hdd. One dvdrom and a floppy drive. What sort of problems should i check for in my system?
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    60-75 degrees is insanly high for an Intel CPU, even AMD's only just touch that under full load, but they are able to handle higher temps anyway.

    Personaly I would run virus and spyware scans, defrag your HDD(s), and clean up your windows based applications. Basicaly just clean up your whole system.

    Check for processes you don't recognise, find out what they are and remove them if they are not required.

    I had a problem with my CPU usage [ didnt cause a temp increase but ment my CPU was always @ 100% usage ] which was related to a process being used by a Belkin WIFI PCI card. Not saying yours is the same, but a CPU hogging process is your best bet.

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    At this point I would think your mobo is reading too high. I had the same problem not too long ago. It actualy came out to be my mobo, the problem was fixed in the next update for the bios.

    I have a P4 3.4Ghz it use to run from 50C to 65C. Updated mobo it fell to 30C to 45C.

    I got a Zalman CNPS7700-cu, this is a really good cooling fan for CPUs. With it im running my CPU at 3.6Ghz and at full load does not exceed 35C, even when hard core gaming, although my VGA starts to give out then.

    I have 1, 120mm fan on the back 2x80mm fans on the front, one on the side and 1 120mm on the PSU.

    Also Celerons dont seem to run really high temp, i have a 2.0Ghz Celeron on my old computer and its temp never really goes above 35C, with stock cooling.

    I would suggest you check if anyone has reported that your mobo reads too high.
    Update bios, scan for viruses as Enigmatic said.
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    There's a great site that talks all about PC Cooling problems.

    The Heatsink Guide - CPU Temp.

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    *Looks at comp temperatures*

    Case: 34C
    CPU: 70C average, with an AMD Athlon XP 2600+
    (Measured using MBM5, not BIOS)
    Room Temperature: about 25C

    I get 55-60 just after booting up after a day of inactivity though, so I'm guessing mobo's reading wrong.

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    Sometimes its your computers heat detector. I once had my computer say my heat was 0c. I was like "What?". I checked the case and it was more like 40c. Sometimes your computer just reads out wrong to. Check if your computer actualy is overheating (open the case) if it is, I suggest you check how fast your processor is overclocking. That will literaly burn a hole into your cpu if its to fast. (Your bios wont let you overclock that quickly normaly though, you need to do a bit of hackish stuff)

    Also, sometimes having two harddrives can cause computers to overheat. Especialy when being shared by raid. If they are the same type, I wouldent worry, but your two harddrives are pritty different. Make sure the one with the most memory is the master to :P.
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