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    Wireless Internet?

    Hey guys, I have a question about wireless internet. I have a finished attic where my computers are at and i got 2 routers up there and a wireless one but I have no wireless card for my computer. I was thinking about running out and buying a Hawkings HWU54D: To hook up into my computer. The only thing is before I buy it will my internet be fast enough to say play multiplayer games, file transfer or just downloading files off the internet or will I notice a great decrease in performance, from not plugging my network straight into one of my routers. My bedroom where I am going to put my computer is right under my attic probably about 14 feet in height or more (not good at estimating) . I was just wondering would it be worth it or just keep my computer plugged into my computer?

    Thank you

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    I can say that when I played Xbox live over my wireless (before my Xbox died) I never noticed any significant difference. And that was a good 30-40 feet away through two walls.
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    Yeah, wireless works fine if it's set up, right. I used it in my dorm and there was no difference whatsoever.
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    It depends a lot on the signal strength, and we can't make any predictions about it.

    If you have adequate signal strength, then you will have no problems getting your full speed through your WLAN.

    Assuming your signal strength is high enough, then WLAN is just like LAN with respects to transfer rate, I'm able to download at max speed to my laptop as well as my workstation.

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    Keep in mind that even using wireless-B technology, that's a theoretical 11mbps transfer speed capability. Granted, you're probably never going to even come close to that, but typical internet speeds on cable/dsl are only between 256K and 1.5mbps.

    So what it really comes down to, like the others have said, is signal strength. I would only be worried if you didn't have more than say 50-60% signal.
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    If you're in the US, I don't think you'll have a problem, but certain building materials in Europe (well, their use) may harm that. At my aunts, if you want wireless to work downstairs, you need to hang (literally) the AP from the staircase.

    At my place, there's no problem with that, although latecy can be relatively high. In my local WLAN, latency is just <1ms, but that's in the same room, I get up to 90ms ping time to my ISP's AP, but that's quite far away.

    Unless you have really fast Internet, which is to say, more than 11Mbps, which mans about 750kB/s d/l speed, you won't notice the difference.
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