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    Partition for Linux

    I have defragmented my hard drive in preparation for a linux installation almost all of my files are currently on one part of the disk but a few are still on the opposite side and I need some way to move them in order to have a nice blank space for a partition. If anyone knows how I can move them I would appreciate your help.
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    You dont need to do that, when you create a new partition the partitioner will move them over automaticaly.
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    back up your files before altering partition structure, always.
    even though mrfracho is right and you should be good to go, better to back up the data than be sorry if it does corrupt the windows partition.

    also, what partition structure is your windows system on? if ntfs, it doesn't matter, you will have to delete the partition and rebuild windows. ms has been working hard on keeping the ntfs from being properly supported in linux.

    if you want to be able to pass data between windows and linux on a dual boot system, you will need to have a fat(32) partition, as write permission to ntfs is only for root in linux.
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    For nobody in 2.6 kernels, and in 2.4 writing was very unsafe and had a good chance of ruining something.
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