Thread: Extracting information from a website?

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    Extracting information from a website?

    I would just like to have a general idea on how one would do this. For example, given this website, how would a person extract the artist, album, track list, etc and then write it out to some local file. What languages are necessary to know? Would it be very difficult to do? This is just one of my many questions about programming. Thanks in advance!


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    You could easily use PHP to get that information. The function(s) you'd be looking for are fopen(), and some combination of regex.
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    The problem is, you may have alot of trouble parsing the information from the page. If there was an XML feed, it'd be a different story.

    I don't really know anything about this regex that ober is talking about, but the first site I looked at when googling it has stuff to do with parsing, so it may have something that helps. :|
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