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    user rights for /dev/s

    Can anyone help me with this?
    Ive set my user-rights on /dev/parport0, then I do a reboot and theyre gone again. Can anyone tell me how to make them last?
    I think theyre re-generated on each boot, but is it possible to tell Linux to generate them with the right permissions?

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    you have to edit the initscripts to change device permissions permanently.
    exactly where they are is distro specific, but most comonly in etc/initrd

    it's the parport kernel module, so it's through the insmod section of the scripts.
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    Nothing about parport in the init scripts, but i found some stuff in /etc/modprobe.conf

    # Load lp after parport
    install parport /sbin/modprobe -i parport && /sbin/modprobe lp
    Do you think I can change anything here? Or should I just add a chmod in the next line?

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    I think you should look at the devfsd / udev configuration, depending on which you use.
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    ah okay....udev...

    good, it works.

    thanks for help!

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