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    activation code for windows

    i had my version of windows xp professional activated for a second license, but i have forgot my activation code. i'm reformating, and want to make sure i can use the activation code again. how would i extract the activation code that was inputted on my last format? i have tried to get it out of the activation wizard, but it does not provide that info. the windows representative said it would be there on a reformat, but i do not think this is correct. if i delete the partition with a secure erase, and then create a new one and reformat it, all data is lost, so i do not beleave windows would be able to track any past data on reinstall. any help would be good. thanks.
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    If you own a license, you should be fine.

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    Your activation code is supplied with the installation media, you don't need to remember it.

    Who remembers all their activation codes anyway? I have enough trouble remembering my myriad passwords which I have chosen let alone the meaningless strings of number and letters product keys tend to be.
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    Backup the file Wpa.dbl from the C:\Windows\System32 to a disk.

    Below are a couple of pages that explain it in more detail:

    Hope this helps

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    Microsoft will let you activate the same key multiple times. Occassionally you will have to call in and do it over the phone. They just do that mostly to check if the key is valid, and that you're not installing it on multiple computers (ie: you reformatted several times). If you mean you lost your product key then download jellybean keyfinder and write it down and put it in a safe place.
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