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    memory utilization

    i need the memory utilization. but in the task manager i saw
    ..task manager>perfromance>PF usage =234 MB .  
    and in physical memory {Total=1046320  Available=735856 System cache=2781200 } 
    so, what is my memory utilization ?
    is it 234 MB ?
    is it (total-avaialble) ?
    which one is correct ?
    i want to get the memory utilization data. i am confused which one is called the memory utilization . can you help ?

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    nobody knows ! does not task manger shows the memory utilaztion ? i just asked which one will be called the memory utilization . i provided the data from my task manager of windows XP.

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    Don't cross post:

    Also don't reply to your own thread like that - if someone can help you they'll reply.
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    hi, just an addition,

    may be some ppl might think i am talking about C++ programming......i was not talking about programming at all. i provided the data from the task manager so that you ppl can tell me which is called the memory utilization.

    there is no programming involved in my question.

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    > there is no programming involved in my question.
    In which case, post on the tech board.
    This thread is moved, your other is closed.

    > nobody knows !
    Next time, try waiting MORE than 20 minutes before panicing and bumping your thread.
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    memory utilisation = total ram - total available + pagefile usage.
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