Thread: Getting around Port blocking.

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    Question Getting around Port blocking.

    I'm trying to host an sql database and html server.
    My isp blocks port 80 and other popular inbound ports.
    How do you get a html client like explorer, fire fox, etc. to access on other ports? I have the following set up.
    Redhat 9, Apache 2, ddclient 3.6.6, LynkSys Router
    I can set up my side to listen to custom ports, but every time i try to dial in from a remote client, I get blocked.

    I have tried the following ip address configurations.


    but the port on the end seems not to work.

    I know the server is working, due to I can access it from my lan.

    any ideas would help.
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    Your ISP has blocked port 80 because they don't want you hosting any type of server using their connection. If you don't like it get a new ISP

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