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    Question Low Heat Laptop?


    It looks like I may have to wave goodbye to my beloved P3 desktop (and its hallowed ISA slot, we had some good times *sniff*). As its replacement, I'm thinking of a decent laptop.

    However, one thing I've noticed about modern laptops is the seemingly excessive heat they produce. My brother has a Compaq P4 laptop and it could quite easily burn your lap after a while. The vibration of the fans isn't pleasant either. As I would like to have children one day it isn't the ideal solution.

    That said, I know that in the desktop fraternity you can get other CPUs like VIAs that run significantly cooler and take less power. Battery life is rather important to me.

    Any of these around?

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    I'm not sure what you require as "significantly cooler" or "great" battery life. I just bought a Dell 600M 1.6Ghz and while it gets warm, I don't think I'd ever say it would burn you. Battery life is about 4 hours depending on what you're doing (I don't play games on it). Depending on how much you want to spend, the Dell XPS gaming laptops run very cool, even after a lot of gaming.
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